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Roger Ferguson here… Mandolin and Fiddle Player and National Flatpick Guitar Champion.

Roger's PSGW class

My Flatpick Class at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop

Over the past 40+ years of performing and recording, I’ve helped literally thousands of students learn to play their favorite music. I teach guitar, mandolin, fiddle, ukulele and bass in styles from Bluegrass to jazz. I can accommodate most styles and techniques and write all the important class content which includes; play along mp3s and PDF’s of whatever song we’re into at the moment.

I’ve written instruction articles for Guitar Player Magazine and led week long seminars on guitar, mandolin and fiddle in the US and Canada. Over the years I’ve made it a point to archive my most popular lessons and shortcuts, which will soon be made available here in video form.

Of all the places in the world to teach… I do!  Since 2009 I’ve been using conferencing software like SKYPE and Zoom  giving personal one-on-one lessons all over the planet – from Texas to Alberta, California to Nottingham.  I teach private and group lessons at Olympic College in

Poulsbo, and offer private instruction at my Home Studio  – also in Poulsbo. My “Raise the Bar” classes are temporarily on hold at Bainbridge Island’s Pegasus Coffee House  and at the Guitar Cafe in Silverdale due to covid restrictions. Olympic College private guitar and bass lessons are always available via zoom.

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