Rates & Policies


My current fee is $60 per/hr for in-studio lessons, and for Skype internet lessons – Fees are different if taking private lessons from me through Olympic College.  See the college connection .


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  • I teach on-going, weekly (or bi-monthly) one-hour lessons.
  • Students pay at the beginning of each month for that month – I can be flexible.
  • Some months have four lesson days – others have five.
  • If the student knows at the beginning of the month that they will be missing lesson days,  they do not pay for these up-front.
  • If a student has credit for any prepaid but unused lessons, that credit is rolled over into the new month.
  • If a student cannot make his/her scheduled lesson, they may cancel up to 1 day (24 hours) in advance without charge.
  • Make-ups  for excused absences can be rescheduled for the same week providing schedules co-inside.
  • Cancellations with less than adequate notice will be marked as unexcused and students will be charged for my time.


Addendum:  This is a common cancellation policy for private music Instructors, one I’ve used for years.  I can and do make exceptions… Also, if you cannot make a lesson or give the requested notice you are welcome to have someone take your place – even with no prior arrangement – I am there waiting and ready to teach so, with someone as your proxy you either have them cover the tuition or consider it a gift! This way the lesson isn’t forfeited!