Approach & Structure


I am very “hands on” and intuitive when working with students.  I want my students to experience the true joy of music!  I use my go-to approach of first understanding just what it is you want to learn.  I consider your learning style, time restraints, desire, current skill level, aptitude, etc. and draw from over 40 years of teaching experience to offer the most direct approach for reaching your goals – as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“I’ll bring a recorded song to him, that I want to sing at a Bluegrass jam, and have him figure out a break for me…  Roger, who can play the song in an infinite number of ways, works out the best version for my abilities.”

Lessons with Roger for me have been somewhat loosely constructed, but I feel he has it that way so he can be responsive to my interests and needs as a student and musician.

All the written material you’ll need will be provided, including audio and/or video summaries of our private lesson.*  These are usually background tracks to play along with or short “loops” of a particular passage or lick. Adjusted to the optimal tempo to both challenge and encourage, these personalized recordings are in your email before you get home!

“I found the “drop-box” (recorded sections of lessons or riffs) material so helpful; being able to take the lesson home to practice and play along with indefinitely is awesome to say the least.”

“It seems easily within Roger’s scope of expertise to help me learn the nuances and techniques of the classical pieces I choose.”

Other than for the Classical style, I usually don’t start off with music reading, rather immediately working toward songs that you want to be playing.  I keep an eye on your technique and point out where it works and where it needs work – Good technique is important for fluidity, flow and articulation.  Smart ergonomics will also help prevent repetitive stress injuries (RSI).

I work from standard music notation, tablature, audio, and by the best learning program in the world called… E A R!  I encourage spending time with music – listening to it, enjoying it and thinking about it!  With attention to melody, harmony and rhythm, I teach how to “hear” music. With “applied music theory”,  we learn what “theory” has to do with your particular instrument and style

                       “He has helped me tremendously in feeling comfortable with the guitar in the areas I felt I was the weakest.

*Of course students are encouraged to seek out other music teachings – especially YouTube and other music videos are an amazing resource!  This is an area in which I can help you learn to learn my looking and listening! (knowing what to look and listen for is the real secret)

                       “As a teacher, Roger listens, thinks and then gives you exactly what you need (but didn’t know you needed it!)”