Raise-the-Bar Classes

Check in with me regarding available private lesson times for Mondays and Thursdays!

Classes are on-going, and with no commitment to attend weekly, there is always a slight chance that you might be the only one to show up ( it has happened)  in which case – you win!! and get a private lesson at the cost of a class admission.

Treehouse clan

Raise-the-Bar pub classes provide musicians  in the community a chance to gather in a casual setting, play music and enjoy music instruction and spirits. The goal is to literally “Raise the Bar” for our understanding and enjoyment of music.  I’ve been teaching multi-level classes since 1978 and get satisfaction out of sharing things which I know will make your playing easier and more fun!


H&H logoOffering music lessons in public establishments was originally proposed to me by the proprietors of the Hare & Hounds in Poulsbo. Knowing the potential commotion in a public place can be distracting, I had doubts how well this would work. But to my surprise it works great!  Students hear and focus with no problem and above all, they play with less inhibitions because the overall vibe is so casual… and proved to be great fun for everybody!

In July of 2012 I started my first Raise-the-Bar classes with a fluctuating group of mostly guitar and mandolin students downtown Poulsbo.  The main focus of these classes has been pre-50s Swing music. I’ve developed a method to help students quickly identify the shorter swing chord progressions that ultimately string together, underpinning swing style harmony.

Raise the Bar pub Classes definitely raise the level of energy at the pub as well as our level of music understanding and overall musicianship. Students donate $20.00 per class and get access to the class Dropbox with videos, charts and play along tracks.

We’re currently “Raising-the-Bar”  Thursdays at the Guitar Cafe in Silverdale and now Mondays on Bainbridge Island… Contact me for more information.