Grassy Knoll – Roger Ferguson and Marshall Trotland

The Knoll

Grassy Knoll is a duo featuring Roger Ferguson and Marshal Trotland. Having just met in 2020 and only deciding to work together in 2022, they are the core of something very new. Roger’s background of traditional and Americana bluegrass, old-time and swing meets Marshall and his own earthy style with influences from bluegrass and edgy country to punk-rock and jazz.

Their individual music travels have brought them together from different directions, yet they share similar experiences, and core traits. Two gifted Kitsap County boys were each playing professionally by the age of fifteen. Both Roger and Marshall excelled in music at an early age, knowing music was to be a big part of their lives. They were both driven to study music formally to better understand their passion. Having mastered multiple instruments, they’ve each been featured instrumentalists with successful groups, touring the United States and beyond.

Together their sound is a unique, effortless flow of their combined musical experiences.

Roger Ferguson

Roger learned to play old-time bluegrass music from his mom and dad. Traditional music was handed down through both grandads, who were fiddlers from Missouri and Nebraska.  He started on mandolin, guitar and fiddle with his dad when he was 12 and by 15 he was performing with others at coffee houses and festivals around the Seattle area.

Roger was 21 years old when he won the National flatpick guitar championship in Winfield Kansas. Ever since he’s been making a  living teaching, performing and recording the music he loves, which is mostly acoustic string music in the Americana vein.

Over his career he’s opened shows for Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris, Taj Mahal and others, performing everywhere from Billy Bob’s to the Disney World Hotel, Calgary Stampede and the Texas Astrodome.

Roger has led week-long seminars in the US and Canada, and many of his instruction articles have been published in Guitar Player Magazine. Currently he is an adjunct music professor teaching guitar and Olympic College where he majored in music. He teaches mandolin, fiddle and ukulele privately at his home studio.

Roger’s appeared as featured artist on other’s records and CDs and recorded many cds with his various bands. He’s also written and recorded on soundtracks for many nationally televised PBS documentaries. At his home studio, Hi-Rez. He records two to three projects a year and is on-call with a few local bands.

Marshall Trotland

Marshall got an early start in the music beginning with saxophone when he was just eight years old. Within a few years he moved on to drums and guitar and was playing professionally by the time he was fifteen. 

Introduced to the bass in Jr. high jazz band, Marshall soon realized there were good jobs to be found for solid bass players.  He continued his music education through school programs,  private lessons and then on through college. He would also attend extracurricular programs – like the Berklee Summer Camp where he earned the outstanding musicianship award.

Marshall won a music scholarship and attended three years of college. There he studied music theory,  jazz composition, analysis and performance. Over the course of his career, Marshall has taught various instruments and styles .

Fluent in a variety of styles and genres,  he has performed and toured in cover bands and original groups ranging from country to punk – rock to jazz.  Marshall is recognized  locally and regionally, having toured the U.S. and many parts of the world in the rockabilly band Tumbledown. He also spent five years as Music Director and vibraphone front-man for the Latin/salsa band Ritmos Caliente.

After touring, Marshall settled back in Kitsap county to continue developing his multi-instrumental skills.  His focus has been on instruments in which he was most interested; the vibraphone, accordion, fiddle and mandolin. Marshall  is part a few select regional groups.

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