Skype testimonials


“I was originally concerned about not being able to see or hear each other clearly, but neither has been a problem. The only requirements are a mike, camera and speakers on your computer and a free Skype account. Since my laptop was equipped with all three, no additional equipment was needed, and it took only a minute to register with Skype”.

“I am an advanced flat-picker who has been on a plateau for a while in my playing style and have not found any flat picking instructors in my area that suit me. This method completely erases the physical distance between us and I can take an hour lesson from a great teacher from the comfort of my home and not have to drive anywhere!”

“I am a mandolin student with Roger Ferguson and I live in a remote area along Hood Canal.  Being an hour and a half away, we agreed to try lessons via Skype to save time, money and resources. Having just completed my 4th long-distance lesson, I find I’m thrilled with this  arrangement.”

“I have known of Roger’s abilities since the early 1980’s and always wished I could study with him… I have been taking lessons from Roger now for about 3 months using this method. I have found this to be a great way to connect with a teacher I’ve always wanted to study with but was too far away physically to do so.”

“Roger emails me an MP3 file of what we went over so I have a clean audio file to work with the following week and this seems to work out great”.

“Our internet connection and video connection have had some problems and dropped out a few times but overall the technical difficulties are much outweighed by the opportunity to study with a great teacher like Roger”.

“Skype lessons have been a perfect solution for me and have provided easy, affordable access to an excellent teacher”