Teaching Style

I tend to run teacher-centered classes with emphasis on demonstration and modeling. I act as a role model by demonstrating skills and processes and then as a coach/guide in helping students develop and apply these skills and knowledge.
I show my students how to properly do a task or work through a problem and then I’ll help them master the task or problem solution. It’s important that my students can independently solve similar problems by using and adapting demonstrated methods.”
I am interested in encouraging student participation and adapting their presentation to include various learning styles. Students are expected to take some responsibility for learning what they need to know and for asking for help when they don’t understand something.


“He never fails to understand what I want and finds a way to get me there.

” Roger’s approach to teaching is relaxed and enjoyable”      

“Also his laid back and very patient style of teaching worked well with me – He Rocks!”                

“His laid back style and personalized attention to his students needs make for a comfortable learning experience.”


My demeanor is laid-back for sure.  I try to inspire while not being intimidating and I do not put undue pressure on my students. I am very patient and will go over & over a concept, passage, or technique until you feel like you’ve got it… then celebrate with you!

“Roger’s teaching style and demeanor during the lessons were friendly, yet forever professional.”

Whatever your level, style or instrument, I aim for a balance of technique and understanding, i.e. what you can play and how much you actually understand about what it is you are playing. The goal would be to get balanced and then stay balanced as we continue to progress.

“I owe a ton of gratitude to Roger for “filling in the gaps” and helping me understand the theory already in my mind, and for introducing new approaches, playing styles, and techniques.”