The Playalongs

Each recording below runs for a little over 1/2 minute. This gives us time to play our lick up to 8 times over each chord progression: These chord changes are very common at the end of songs and fiddle tunes, and this lick fits over each one. All eighth notes are to be played using the down-up (DU) rules of flatpicking.

These licks can be played with no legatos (slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs etc.), but any legatos must be played while keeping the DU consistent with the timing. So my pick goes down on the 3rd note whether it is played with the pick or not. This sets us up to be on the correct pick direction for the rest of the lick.

The point is to hear how these licks sound when played over these different chord changes. We can see that it’s worth trying to use them in other situations.

I I I I in C 70 bpm

I V I I C 70 bpm

V V I I C 70 bpm

I I I I G 70 bpm

V V I I G 70 bpm

I V I I G 70 bpm